From fresh to founder yogis, we’ve got a class for you.
We see all color, all sex, and all sizes or shapes.
We see people who beg to live a more abundant life.
We see ones who push limits and defy gravity.
Who believe there is more life beyond what we have placed in front of us. Who knows
perfection is over-rated.
The ones who truly find the light in the darkness.

One tribe.
One community.
One dream.

This is Sweat Method.

Music-inspired hot yoga in the heart of Charlotte, NC.
50-minute classes.
3 flows.
Unlike any other.

Class types

All of our classes are done in 80-95 degree heat to ensure the most effective practice. The best of the best instructors know exactly how to build the perfect class to get your muscles firing & your mind relaxing.

We’ll focus on the beats, you focus on the flow.


Is this your first yoga class? Are you a seasoned yoga? This 90 degrees flow is incredible for each and every person. We will break down poses and give you extra assists so you feel empowered to crush your flow. You’ll get the ultimate 50-minute class with this.

Power Flow

The same powerful Hot Vinyasa class you know and love. A sweaty, creative flow class performed in a 95 degree room featuring hands-on assists, uplifting music and messaging. This class will leave you feeling inspired, encouraged, and strong.


Looking for some weight training? Looking for a little bit more cardio in your fitness routine? Still love to flow? This is the perfect class for you. This 50-minute, warm (80 degrees) class incorporates dumbbells, mini-bands, and your own body weight to give you a full-body workout. You'll leave feeling energized and stronger than ever! This class is for all levels.